Procurement, Information and Governance Team

The Procurement, Information and Governance team provide advice and assistance across 5 boroughs. There is a varied mix of work in the procurement side of the team where we are involved in the types of work that other legal departments will send out to external firms. Staff who have formerly worked in private practice have commented on the complexity of the work we do, the service we provide and that it is similar to working in private practice but it is a supportive working environment. As well as doing procurement, the team has been involved in setting up companies and we have a company secretary service which is used by a number of the companies that have been set up by the 5 boroughs. Where there have been large projects and external firms have been instructed, we have been involved in the work and it has provided team members the opportunity to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. 

Fabiola Hickson, Head of Law, Procurement and Information & Deputy Monitoring Officer (Merton)

Fabiola was called to the Bar in November 1992. After 4 years at the bar, predominantly dealing with criminal matters and including appearances in the Court of Appeal and the Privy Council, she decided that the criminal bar was becoming an increasingly harder environment to practice law. As a result of this Fabiola decided to enter into local government with a view to get a wider breadth of legal experience. Fabiola’s first post in local government was as a locum senior housing lawyer position at Islington.

Fabiola began working for Merton in March 1998. This was again in a locum position in the litigation team, where she dealt with civil and criminal matters and where she was able to continue as an advocate. Fabiola progressed to becoming permanent and then to managing the Litigation team.

In 2011, when the shared service between LB Merton and LB Richmond came into existence, Fabiola was asked to manage the newly formed procurement, employment and property team. Fabiola is currently one of the Heads of Law in the Property and Commercial Team, leading on Procurement and Commercial.

Fabiola has experience of working in and managing most areas of local authority legal work including civil and criminal litigation, residential and commercial property. She has over 8 years of experience in advising on procurement and commercial matters and is known for a pragmatic approach and providing solutions.